- It is possible to improve the quality of life of cancer patient from a holistic, integrated, multidisciplinar and  completary approach to the convencional treatment for them.

- Cancer affects the human being in all aspects: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual in a way that any type of approach that aims at providing them well-being and better quality of life to cancer patients and their relatives should act on all these aspects.

- Cancer affects deeply the cancer patient and his/her relatives at the physical, financial and psychosocial which can contribute to the success or failure of the treatment.

- We are allrgetic beings surrounded by an electromagnetic field directly our organs, mind and emotions.

- The several energy-based therapies that act on the electromagnetic field of the human that allow for its rebalance as a whole.

- It is possible to change the world. Each person and institution has a role in this change.

- Value and share positive examples of solidarity and love for one another are efficient ways to change society.

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